Akuma's Stolen Body


25(At Death, According to Akuma, never aged


Sometime during endless war but was revived due to Akuma stealing it


5'6"(According to Akuma)


65.90(143.1 lbs., according to Akuma)

Cause of Death:

(First Time) Endless War

(Second Time) Akuma leaving his body

Akuma's Stolen body was used as a host during the endless war in the beginning of time.

Endless War: Edit

This fellow's name is unknown and his background is unknown as well. But what is known is that: he joined the never-ending war in his early 20s and died at age 25.

Revival and an Unknowning Ruler: Edit

When Akuma arrived to earth, he needed to blend in. So he found this fellow's body and possesed it.The 25-year-old was revivedbut not inconrol of his own body, instead Akuma took control and killed the enemies. How he distingushed friend from foe is unknown. He also took control of the planet until the battle with the unknown monk years later.

Death: Edit

The first time this fellow died was during war. Than he was possesed by Akuma for a period of time, and ruled the planet. That is until Akuma discarded it and in turn resulted in his second death.

Trivia: Edit

  • Offically: he lived to be 25 years old until his first death. But when Akuma took control of him, he lived to be nearly 1 million years old.