Akuma Sono Fuhen Kami No Za Yomi

(Satan the Everlasting God of the Underworld)


Decades Before the creation of the Universe (Stolen Human Body: Around 25)


Before the creation of the Universe






11'0" (Stolen Human Body: 5'6")


Unknown (Stolen Human Body: 65.90)

Akuma Sono Fuhen Kami No Za Yomi(Satan the Everlasting God of the Underworld) is the god that, the leader of the Hell Seekers, Naraku worships. He is also the god of the underworld.



His true appearance is unknown as of now. But his human appearance is: Long black hair; shoulder length. Tradionial samurai armour and two katanas. His facial features are: black as night eyes, a scar running down the left eye. regular sized nose and mouth. His statue form: a giant stone head with seven holes wrapping around the circumference.


At this piont in the story his abilities are unknown.


Akuma appeared on Earth in a (stolen) human's body. He appeared during the time of endless war and endless suffering. Akuma used his power and took control of the War-torn planet and became the overlord of the planet. He had millions of subjects scattered across the planet; manily from Hell. Than one day: a monk appeared in his palace. The monk challenged him; to his real form. The monk and Akuma fought for many endless days and sleepless nights. Than finally: The monk weaken Akuma, and with his last bit of energy, pulled out a sealing scroll and sealed Akuma in the Realm of Shaodws. His subjects were sent back to hell. Akuma was sealed in a statue form or suspended animation. To sleep for Nine Million Years.


Raiton Arc:

He made his first appeareance in episode 1. He made it clear to, both, Siuton and Raiton that they must retrieve the tailsmen from the Sage Village and Atlantis.


Akuma maked a cameo appearance, still in his statue state, when Boketsu appeared in the Lemuria to consult Naraku. He asks why his old friend was in the neighborhood and Boketsu replies with one single word: debt. This is his only speaking role in the entire movie.


  • Akuma Sono Fuhen Kami No Za Yomi means Satan(Akuma) Sono(the) Everlasting(Fuhen) God(Kami) No(of) Za(the) Yomi(Underworld). But shorten to Akuma.
  • Akuma is as old as the universe yet he can not die. Even if he is stabbed on the heart or stabbed on the eye.
  • He is the Devil.
  • He believes that it will take about 6 years for him to be resurrected.
  • Akuma will kill anybody willing to take him on.