35(Deceased, Resurrected)


Sometime before the Warring Era


During the Warring Era


Unnamed Son(Presumed Deceased)






54.54kg (120 lbs., when living)

34.54kg (76 lbs, resurrected)

Cause of Death:

Son and Akuma (First Death)

(Second Death)

Boketsu is the main antagonist in Ryun Special: Halloween Seige: Search for the Resurrection Crystal and he commands a huge number of demons.

Background: Edit

Bokestu was born sometime before the Warring Era. Not much is known about his life except that he had a lover and from her, she gave birth to a son. Both father and son entered the Never-Ending-War.

Akuma's Offer: Edit

When his son went in the Dead Zone, and a banged up soilder apporched Boketsu. He offered to give him an unstoppable army that will not die even blasted in the heart. This was an offer that Boketsu could not pass up. He said yes and signed his name in blood. The banged up warrior placed the signature on the ground and a dark flaming hole opened up and millions of demons and spirits jumped out. The warrior said that Boketsu is in control of the army for as long as time maybe alive. 

Son's Revolt: Edit

Bokestu's son saw this devistation; more than war can offer, he killed many more both opposing and allied. Boketsu's son revolted against him and in the, now Forgotten Stadium, Sage's Stadium. Both battled each other and his son stabbed him in the stomach. Then the banged up warrior arrived and praised his son on his efforts but he revealed himself to be the devil Akuma and he pretorfied Bokestu and his immortal army and buried them 10 feet undernieth the stadium, deep in the mountain, below the Tailsmen room.

Special 1: Edit

He first appears after Psylo recieves a message for Iku or Hito Kiu.

Appearance: Edit

He has a skull with red eyes and red armour with black clothes undernieth.

Abilities: Edit

He is able to teleport from Point A to Point B.

Trivia: Edit

  • Boketsu means grave.
  • He commands less demons than he did during war.
  • He is a spoof of Skeletor as he has his skull for his head.