The Forest Dwellers are a race of humans that decendanted from the original Forest Dwellers decades before the start of the series.

History: Edit

Decades before the start of the series, the Forest Dwellers were living in the, now Sage's, forest. They were in constant compition with Mountain Dwellers. Than a war broke out and this start the Never-Endless War. Many nameless and countless Mountain and Forest Dwellers died. Many ohers survived. Those who survived were either in hiding or were killed by Akuma. Those in hiding, stayed out of the spotlight and hide in underground bunkers or caves. Those in the spotlight were killed on the spot, and the Mountain Dwellers were compeletly wiped out. The Forest Dwellers, survived and had offsprings.

Known Dwellers: Edit

Gnarl (Current Leader)

Language: Edit

It is known that the Forest Dwellers speak thier own language. A language used by the preceding dwellers.