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Raiton(24BC-) became the first major antaginost of the series.

Personailty: Edit

He is very aggarisve and cocky. He will do everything in his power to kill his enemies and he doesn't care about missions, unless it is about killing enemies.

Abilties: Edit

His abilities are pretty much self explanitory. He uses electricty from everypart of his body and it is unknown if he can travel using electrity. But seeing how he can fly, there is a possibilty that he exerts low energy of electricty.  

Appearance: Edit

He had funk and wild yellow hair, a homage to his electrical powers. His clothes consisted of a black cloak with the mark of the beast on the back and no under shirt. And black/yellow pants. Also, yellow eyes.

Background: Edit

Raiton was in 24BC. He was in consist compition with his younger brother: Suiton. Both of them were opposite in everything; expet joining the Hell Seekers. Siuton had the Water Ability. Raiton had the Electric Ability. Suiton hated him for this because water did not have the same affectivness as Electricty had. Due to Siuton not going to the acedemy and Raiton going, he[Rai] went to the acedemy and befriended Riuh Unindo.

Criminal Years: Edit

In 2BC: Raiton became an internation criminal. This caused him to yipe out an entire village full of Water Abiliters. After realizing what he did: he joined the Night Dwellers. He caused more murders and more crime. Finally sometime in late 1BC: he left the Night Dwellers for the Hell Seekers.

Tale: Edit

Raiton Arc: Edit

He first appeared in Naraku's layer and he was given the orders to kill Ryun and Riuh and steal the Res Tailsmen. He cracked a joke and they attempted to battle, but that was interfered by Naraku's psychic abilities. He stopped them before Suiton was killed by Raiton. Then he disappeared and reappeared as a tiny bird.

Trivia: Edit

  • "Rai" is not his given name and "ton" is not his surname.
  • He is the second youngest member of the Hell Seekers.
  • His main goal in life is to kill, both his brother: Siuton and his closet friend: Riuh.
  • Even though he is 24, he appears 17; it's unknown how he stayed so young and not age to date.