Riuh Unindo

りうh うにんど

(Ree-A[Riuh Unindo])


23(Season 1)


September 1, 23BC


No information


No information


Wind, two medium sized tantos/kinves






34.54 (76 lbs.)

Cause of Death:

No information

Riuh Unindo(September 1, 23BC) is a life long friend of the Hayashi Clan. He will sacirfice himself for any member of thier family.

Personailty: Edit

He has a very determinded personailty. He is always determinded to finish a mission or end an enemy's live on the first try. (Though this never really works out.) Though he is determinded, he is also kind. But this side is usually never shown.

Appearance: Edit

He wears a black shirt with brown pants. He also wears knee high boots. He has two tanto/knives on each side of his waist. Also white hair.

Abilties: Edit

His abilties are more advanced than a regular samurai's. He can control the wind around him and fly in the sky; by utilizing the air around him and causinghim to hoover or fly in the sky. Other abilities are yet to be seen/read.

Background: Edit

Riuh Unindo was born on September 1st, 23BC. He joined the Samurai School in 18BC(making him 5 years old; making him the youngest person in history to attend before the, Age: 9 to 12 rule.) He was so talented that the Headmaster aloud him to move up the ranks in a five year intervole.(time-lap). His ability to control Wind was even more amazing than his combat skills and swordsmenship. He was able to move objects from thier base or position and move it to another location; with one hand. Than at 10BC, at age: 13(which is really rare for a student to do; 5-13[years], he graduated at the top of his class. His father rewarded him with two tanto/knives. After this: he joined many battles and won. During his time at the academy: he was friends with Raiton

Tale: Edit

Raiton Arc: Edit

He appears in second episode and he confronts an old frienemy: Raiton. And they battle it out.

Trivia: Edit

  • Riuh is somewhat like Kakashi from Naruto. They both entered thier, respective, acedemies at a young age and graduated at the beginning of thier teens.
  • He has the uncanoning ability to be a destination three hours early. Why he does this is unknown. But it could be so, he could warm up his abilities.
  • He is like a father and brother figure towards Ryun.
  • Riuh has known Hojo his entire life. How they met are also unknown.
  • The reasons for the two 'unknowns': is because he doesn't want people knowing about his past.
  • He will do always complete a mission with no broken limbs or marks on his body. This could prove how skilled he is in cobat and controlling his element.
  • All five sences are heighten during his time off of missions. This implies that he never stops training, even during times of peace.
  • In the Ryun Almanac:
  1. His favorite foods are: any types of curry, friuts, vegetables, calamari(dried sqiud). His least favorite is: any types of unheathly foods or junk food.
  2. He wishes to fight: The Emperor, Ryun, Li, Kasumi, Hojo and Raiton.

Sources: Edit

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