This is the timeline for the series of Ryun. It takes place in a different time as most appliances has not been created yet.

Pre-Start of Series: Edit

Over Ten Million Years Ago: Edit

-War waged on the planet and it fell into darkness. Akuma took advantage of this opportunity and took control of the waging war. He finally ended it and killed every soilder and brougth Hell to Planet Earth.

Over 9 Thousand Years Ago: Edit

-An Unknown Monk, of the highest respect, faced Akuma in battle. Its said the battle took about a few months to finish. Finally: The Unnamed/Unknown Monk pulled a scroll from his destroyed gi. The scroll's writing is unknown. But it frove Akuma in a suspended animated state. The monk than transported him to another dimension, that he know as the Realm of Shadows. Then a barrier was put around the portal. The portal will only exist for Nine Million Years.

66BC: Edit

-December 25: The Emprorer of Japan is born.

45BC: Edit

-April 1: Hojo Hayashi is born.

- Li's Mother or Father is born. Which one is unknown.

-May ~ June: The Emprorer becomes the Emprorer of Japan.

-October 31st: Naraku is born.

32BC: Edit

-c. Feburary ~ April: Naraku falls under the influence of Satanism and releases Akuma from his Nine Million Year Rest. (Though still in the Realm of Shadows)

23BC: Edit

-Riuh Unindo is born.


-Sepetmber 4: Raiton is born.

10BC: Edit

-Feburary 19: Seki is born.

-July 4: Li is born.

-August 30: Ryun Hayashi is born. His mother dies.

-October 4: Kasumi is born.

Series Current Timeline: Edit

0BC: Edit

-(Start of Series) June 15: