Unknown Monk

(Mikenno Bousan)


Deceased (40 ~ 69 at the time of the sealing)


Prior to Nine Million Years Ago


Post Akuma's Sealing








Sealing Scroll

Cause of Death:

(Presumely) Old Age

This Unknown Monk sealed Akuma away for his Nine Million Year Rest.

Battle Against Akuma: Edit

Sometime around Nine Million Years ago: Akuma ruled the world. His word meant Law. But one day, the Unknown Monk challenged him. This battle was so firece that millions died in the crossfire. Finally after months of fighting and destruction, the monk pulled a Sealing Scroll out of his destroyed gi. What was on the scroll was unknown. But it apparently sealed Akuma away for Nine Million Years(though he was released from his prison in 32BC) and he sent him to the Realm of Shadows. What happen after this event is unknown.

Trivia: Edit

  • Due to his name being unknown, thier are no existing records of the battle.
  • Akuma is the only one that has any knowlegde of the battle but it seems he's not telling anybody anytime soon.
  • We do know: he was 40 ~ 69 years of age during this epic and earth shattering battle.
  • He's burial is located in an unknown location. Not even the monks of 0BC know where thier ancestor lies.
  • Some characters concider him the founder of the modern samurai world.